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Who are we?

We are two human being(i think) from Prague, Czech Republic..We both study - Gusta is smarter..He study university but i don't know which :). I'm (method) still on high school, hopefully this is my last year but who knows...Laziness is crazy bitch.

Our hobbies...well..Gusta really like runing and he already tried it in race but he was unsuccessful..Maybe he should leave that two beers every time when he train?:)Anyway me..I'm not exactlly type of "sport-man" (not counting heave of pint). I used to play hockey for 8 years but thats all. My life is boring :)

What do we do?

Sex all the time. (not together as said one of our american fan)

Why are we so cool?

Easy - 100grams of ass-gel every day, keep smiling and always wear pink tights!