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Map 01 - Born to be Wild... Adolf Vojta
Our mission starts inside some important administration building which is rather destroyed after a small detonation so your way is blocked. You have to climb up to a roof and find alternate way to another part of the building.

Map 02 - Instant Death Adolf Vojta
A small map with some "amazing" graphic of my own It simulates some yards and paths surronding little prison. The gameplay is classical quick SSGing from start to end. Also a map full of many tiny but killer traps ... simply noone could get out of prison easily.

Map 03 - S-X on the Way Adolf Vojta
Some harder and challenge actions and traps appears in this map. The theme seems to be some surround of some ruins and groundworks. Method (Lamer) still haven't completed this map :-)

Map 05 - Water Treatment Facility II Lee Szymanski/Adolf Vojta
Pretty nice teamwork on this map, Lee sent me the layout for this map and asked me if I want to take over the design. I agreeed, because I liked his map Water Treatment Facility in endgame.wad and this map reminded me it a bit, so I designed the map to be a sequel. I enlarged the map with some new rooms, sewers and outsights to get some good feeling of being near some real water treatment plants and dam. But it was damn hard, and the result is still not totally satisfying.

Map 06 - Microcosmos Adolf Vojta
In this map you feel like a small naked insect surrounded by big beatles, lizards, spider nests and similar varmint. In this map you can see some "perfect graphic work" again.

Map 07 - Big Dildo strikes back... Jakub Razak
Oh yeeah! Finally i finished my first map for k2. k207 isn't classic "map07 map" - It means that it isn't only about killing mancubus and teen spiders but first you have to break through a couple of monsters and stay alive! And remember...Big Dildo always watching you...

Map 08 - Today's Menu Adolf Vojta
For breakfast a group of some fatty cacodemons, for lunch you can gnaw many skeletons almost without flesh and for dinner some delicious cyberdemoon steaks. But sorry - instead of setting you use BFG and some other hardcore calibres. So monster-mash from start to exit :-)

Map 10 - Fun Factory Adolf Vojta
Some branched and connected yards that straggle through many small buildings of all kinds. So it's a factory for all and nothing. The gameplay is so chaotic that you really don't know where to shoot first...