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Map 01 - Into the Underground Jakub Razak/Adolf Vojta
When the project was at its beginning, Method took my old map originally made for Doom1 and retextured it and added some details. Then later on I took this map again and completed. We wanted to have the first map simple and not so overdetailed.

Map 02 - The Hidden Engine Jakub Razak
A small indoor map done by Method himself. It's one of our very few maps reminding good old doom1 techbases.

Map 03 - Mr.Adolf kill you! Adolf Vojta
Another one old small map I like. I included one special secret place as a little joke :)

Map 04 - Water Base Adolf Vojta
My first map..here I met my fist HOM, my first visplane and so on. But I am very satisfied. And surely, just a little insp. by hr2 map 3.

Map 05 - Klondike Adolf Vojta
The map including about 3-4 wall textures and you see it's enough. Start at the little brown cave inspirated by Dystopia3 and map11 from Alien Vendetta. Then you get out to surface and walk through gray rocky mountains.. and that's all. Another special secret place is included.

Map 06 - Research Complex Jakub Razak
Another Method's nice techbase. I liked to play this one. Finally you will meet first KS cybie .

Map 07 - Colosseum Adolf Vojta/Jakub Razak
It's a remake of my old map made originally for doom1. One of the maps I became addicted on. Thanks to Method for an assistence towards the end .

Map 08 - Time is Tickin' Out Adolf Vojta
Light effects - that's the basic idea this map is aimed at. So you could see on the exit square how the day is running from afternoon to evening.

Map 09 - The Holocaust Adolf Vojta
The second map I made, another old map I decided to stay in the original shape which is focused more on gameplay then on design. And the gameplay is surely the main thing.

Map 10 - To Be or Not To Be... Jakub Razak
This is my last map for KamaSutra. As usual it looks different than my first idea...Anyway i hope you enjoy it :)